What is zeloom?

Zeloom is an online travel related platform that amplifies the word of mouth. It’s only natural to share our opinions, experiences and views of places we visited with friends and family and generally our loved ones. Showing friends pictures of the hotel we’ve enjoyed with our other half or the lovely boat trip we took with the family or indeed providing that hot tip to people we care about is what we all enjoying doing. Now how about allowing our loved ones benefit from that little secret we pass on while us being rewarded for something we would naturally do. This is Zeloom a new, innovative, intuitive way to talk about travel, share our experiences, pass on benefits and get rewarded.

How does it work?

After you check-in at a property you receive a limited number of Postcards with exclusive discounts, special offers and free supplements you can use as a returning guest. These Postcards can also be gifted to beloved friends and inspire them to live an equally unforgettable experience with extra benefits.When these postcards are used, you automatically earn loyalty credits which you can redeem whenever you wish at any property within the network.

Our vision

Our Vision is to empower travellers to share and exchange real experiences in their full blossom. It is about providing a space for people to interact and talk about their travels as they naturally do however by amplifying their reach and letting all parties involved get rewarded for their involvement. Guests, friends and loved ones as well as Hotelier all enjoy benefits for doing good. For Zeloom is a platform where people meet, share their travel related experiences pass on the word to their loved ones in a manner only naturally encountered in their daily lives. We aim at amplifying their voices, letting them reach out at talk to Stay True is our motto instilling our ethics and values towards travel. True information, real pictures, open communication are traits wired in Zeloom, in a manner that without the above Zeloom would be non-existent.
Travel as never seen before