Collect Postcards that bear over and above benefits.
Customise and share them.
Let loved ones benefit while you get rewarded

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Zeloom is new way of browsing, booking and sharing travel experiences.

Check-in at a property and receive a number of Postcards with exclusive discounts, special offers or free supplements.

Customise your Postcards with your own fabulous pictures and share them with your friends.

When these Postcards are used, you earn Points up to 3% of the value of that booking that you can instantly redeem at any property within the network. Your friends book with us, benefit from your Gift and you earn Points.

We make travel fun and worthwhile sharing with the world.

Book now and enjoy Zeloom!

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You can easily join Zeloom just by signing up with your email or your FB account.

Book your Stay and collect your customisable Postcards

Choose among a hand-picked collection of luxury hotels and resorts, book your stay and collect customisable Postcards that bear exclusive and over and above benefits

Share your best moments

Share your customised Postcards and collect Points equal up to 3% of the booked value, each and every time one of your Postcards is used. Points are instantly redeemable any time you wish to book again with us. Share the fun, let other people benefit from your Gift while you earn our valuable Points!